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Resume Abstracts

Bulldog consulting resources have experience in all of the roles which commonly arise during implementations, large and small.  The flexibility and depth of their experience enables them to work individually as a one-off team and with client's development teams and end users.  Below are several examples of how Bulldog consulting resources have brought their technology expertise and experience with all manner of solution types to meet ever-evolving client requirements.

Customer X:

  • Acted as a Technical Advisor/Team LeadTechnical team lead

  • At Customer X account, leading a technical lead and a Sr. consultant

  • Helped MSTR to grow the consulting services for the BBVA account from one Sr. Consultant to Three consultants (two Sr. consultants and one Technical Lead)

  • Customer X contract was extended multiple times

  • Facilitated the extension of a Lead consultant and a Sr. consultant

  • Worked with BBVA Spain and BBVA Mexico to provide a better solution to the Strategy client

  • Provided MicroStrategy’s best practice solutions for the MSTR Architecture

  • Key player in providing conceptual and analytical resolutions for the UNIX POC Implementation

Customer Y:

  • Acted as a Technical Advisor 

  • Appraised current SAP Architecture and recommended BI MSTR strategy solutions

  • Installed and configured SAP driversConfigured SAP connectivity to the MSTR BI

  • Successfully connected to SAP BW and created reports against the SAP BW

  • Provided guidance to report against the SAP BW using MSTR BI

Customer Z:

  • Acted as an Architect and Technical Advisor

  • Configured SAP connectivity to the MSTR BI Successfully connected to SAP BW and created reports against the SAP BW

  • Appraised current Architecture, problems and recommended strategy solutions

  • Appraised current UNIX Upgrade problems and recommended solutions for the UNIX upgrade to 9.0R2

  • Integrated Intelligence Server with LDAP to allow authentication via LDAP accounts

  • Deployed WebsphereOffice and Web war files to DevUpgraded the 64 bit MicroStrategy Universal Server to 9.0

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