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We love data, analytics, dashboards, apps, workflows.  Our roots date back to 1998 at one of the earliest business intelligence vendors, MicroStrategy.  Known in the analytics space as the one to use against the biggest databases and highest user counts, MicroStrategy taught us what we do today but we have branched out and do them all -- Tableau, Power BI, Domo, you name it.  We also have great expertise with all the most robust databases from Oracle to Snowflake and big data platforms as well.  We have worked on the world's smallest data sources, too!  A recent implementation was a dashboard for a sales pipeline of 150 opportunities!  No job is too small or large for the Bulldogs! We have done the entire data lifecycle.  Give us a howl! 



Bulldog Insights Group has been delivering enterprise data engineering solutions since our Founder began this work in 1998.  Learn more

Our Group


Bulldog Insights Group is comprised of an ever-expanding team of senior data engineers, analytics developers and front-end specialists. Learn more


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Bulldog Insights Group has partnered with a premiere offshore services firm, Nice Software Solutions located in India. Learn more

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