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Solution Types

Bulldog consulting resources are familiar with a wide variety of implementations, in both commercial and governmental environments.  Below are a few examples of the types of the kinds of deliverables which have been successfully delivered by our resources.

  • Working for HHS, developed time series based predictive modeling (using HOLT WINTER exponential smoothening and ARIMA models) dashboards using MicroStrategy advanced data mining capability for budgeting application . Also developed planning application that could be used to simulate new pipelines and scenarios.


  • At a large quasi-governmental entity, developed Data virtualization platform strategy for using Denodo for structured data and Apache Hive on Hortonworks HADOOP Data Platform.


  • As SME at SEC, Designed and Developed Solution/System Design Document and implementing the pilot dashboard solutions. I was responsible for installing and configuring the MicroStrategy product suite and delivering the enforcement dashboard.

  • Designed a budget planning application for contract administration using MicroStrategy platform. The application provides budget projections using Holt Winter’s model for exponential smoothening and ARIMA methods. In addition to predictive modeling, the application also allows the users to simulate new contract pipelines and scenarios.

  • Engineer and Implement Denodo Data Virtualization platform at a large quasi-governmental entity. Provide expertise in re-platforming HP Vertica. Continue to provide Data Modeling and solution architecting for LAS BI platform using data virtualization and HADOOP Data lakes for accessing federated structured data and unstructured data.

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